Targeted Website Promotion – 9 Solid Ways to Excel at Web Site Promotion

So you finally have your web site up and running. It looks great, it has a lot of enjoyable interactive features, your freebies are toasting up hot in the oven ready to serve, and you eagerly await on the sidelines for the mad rush of traffic that you have been dreaming off all throughout the web site creation stage. But how come no one is coming? Maybe it is because you forgot one important thing about handling a business on the Internet – web site promotion. Yes, you most definitely need to promote your site. It is a lot better than just sitting around waiting for people to accidentally discover it. Here are nine solid ways to excel at web site promotion:1. List down the key features of your website and make a bulleted list for information dissemination.2. Target all means of web site promotion. This includes email alerts, RSS feeds, ad placement and anything else that will capture the attention of the public.3. Ask friends and family to visit your site. A little human effort will go a long way.4. Join social networking sites and add your site link to your profile.5. Create attractive ads and banners for your site announcing special promos so people will want to visit it.6. In your ads and banners, use strong words such as ‘free’ or ‘discounted’.7. Spread your web site link all over the internet. Try to talk to other site owners and see if they would like to exchange ad spaces with you.8. Write articles about your site and submit to article directories. Make sure to include keywords which people most often search for.9. Strive to come up with excellent promotional offers for your site. If it is good, people will spread the word and more visitors will check you out.